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The "Urban Explorer"

We are for the new category of cyclists. The modern-day “Urban Explorer”. 

Who We Are

We do not own a car. We live in the city. We care for the environment. 

Our main use of our bike is to get around but “commute” is a dirty word. We are as happy in jeans and a t-shirt as we are in our cycling kit. We like to ride fast and efficiently to work in our cleats during the week and then in flats on the weekend to take in the sights and go to a restaurant to grab dinner with friends. 

We are proud of our human-powered vehicles. We’ve got a bike that we care about and that can do everything. We enjoy learning and repairing our bikes in our makeshift workshop in our living room. YouTube is our teacher. 

Our flatmates are annoyed that we keep our bikes in the living room. They do not understand that we have nowhere else to put it. You live in a small apartment building and can’t store it outside as it will become the property of someone else. 

When we do have to keep your bike on the streets, we are conscious about where we lock it up and for how long. We go to the extra effort of packing-up and down our bike so that our lights and saddlebag do not get stolen. 

The Three "Urban Explorers"


Who We Are Not

We are not a “Commuter”. We don’t ride a flat bar hard-tail mountain bike in the city with bar ends, a clip-in saddlebag and proudly flash our construction site fluorescent vest. We don’t obnoxiously ring our bells at leaves that drift across the path in front of us. We don’t ride through the cycleway and yell out “BIKE LANE” and instead think that instead of 25mm Continentals we have tank tracks. 

We are not the “The Roadies”. We enjoy riding bikes. We care that other people exist. We couldn’t care less about who wins the Tour De France. 

We are not “The Fashionistas”. We find the amount they spend wearing different boutique cycling kits every different time they get on a bike ridiculous.

We are not “The Climber”. We don’t admire their hunched back or skinny physique.

We are not “The KOM Chaser”. We don’t dedicate our lives to Strava KOMs. We are not super competitive. We want everyone to win. 

We are not “The Triathletes”. We don’t like their ability to reduce cycling to purely fitness building, sucking the life from it as they squeak in their saddles from their wet bums. 

We are not the “MAMILs” (Middle-Aged-Men-In-Lycra). We would rather not see years of beer drinking bulging out from the bottom of their body-hugging jersey.

We are NOT “The Techie”. Power Meters? We just want gear that works. 

We are not the “Fixies”. We don’t laugh at people who wear brightly coloured Lycra. We know that riding a few hours in jeans feels like rubbing sandpaper over your quads. The only reason we would have a fluorescent coloured frame would be to make it safer to ride. We would be worried about drawing too much attention though and someone stealing it. We are sure that they are all annoyed by the sound of their exposed keys. 

We are not the “Old Schoolers”. We don’t spend our weekends scanning Facebook Market Place playing a bike-sized jigsaw puzzle with parts from multiple cities in Asia.

Our LinkedIn profile does not say “Bicycle Messenger” but we carry everything we need for the day.

Who We Admire

We admire “The Mountain Bikers”. We love their tendency to get "stoked" about things and that they enjoy themselves when they ride. We admire their ability to push themselves out of their comfort zone. We also crave adventures to new parts of the globe. Just like that, we wish we could surf, we wish we didn’t have to walk down the sections of track that you stomp through. Our only problem with them is that they will drive for hours just to hit a jump. We are also confused by the way they describe dirt. 

We admire “The Bikepacker”. We would love to escape and challenge ourselves to a multi-day adventure. However, we find it difficult to find the time in our busy schedules. One day we will experience minimalist camping and long hours in the saddle with you. We just wish that you would shower more often.

We are 100% certain that the world would be a better place if everyone rode a bike. 

We are the Urban Explorers.