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For a copy of the instructions included with each light, please see the PDF here. For an online version, continue reading.

How To:

Install on Handlebars

  1. Check the USB plug is secured.
  2. Attach the light to the strap by sliding the clip on the light into the slit on the strap.
    1. Ensure the button is on the long side of the strap. If not, remove the light from the strap by sliding in the direction of the button. 
  3. Ensure the small plastic clip is attached at the bottom of the strap.
    1. The wider side of the clip should be attached to the strap before going onto the bike. 
    2. The top part of the clip, the ‘shark fin’ points down when looking from the top.
  4. Position light on the handlebars with the long tail of the strap facing up.
  5. With both hands wrap the strap around the handlebars.
  6. Use your thumb to push the clip around till a secure fit. For most standard handlebars, this will ideally be the first rung of the ladder in the strap. 
  7. Tuck the remaining part of the strap under the ‘shark fin’. 

Turn On

  1. Press and hold to turn on.
  2. Short press to change mode.
  3. Press and hold to turn off.

​Charge (Light flashing)

Charge when the red light is flashing while in use (battery less than 20%).

  1. Remove the light from the rubber strap on the bike by sliding the clip out from the strap. Note: The rubber strap stays on the bike.
  2. Plug Micro-USB into USB.
  3. Re-attach USB plug after charging.



Red light is flashing

Fully Charged

Red light is constant