Sick of stolen bike lights?

"Finally, never worry about having your bike lights stolen again now the days are darker in Melbourne this winter 2020."

Sick of stolen bike lights?

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From: Daniel Stojanovski

Melbourne, Australia.

Let me know if this is you...

You live in Melbourne and you ride your push bike absolutely everywhere!

You zoom along the cycleways to work during the week. You cruise around the city with friends on the weekend BUT being called a “commuter” does NOT do YOU justice. 

Riding your bike gives you freedom and...

you are 100% positive that the world would be a better place if everyone rode a bike.

bunc Cruisy Summer Evenings
Cruisy summer evenings with friends at Pig on Penny Lane in Balaclava, Melbourne.


You're annoyed though…

You locked your bike in the city and some punk stole your front and rear lights! 

You ended up riding home in the dark. The police told you off, but luckily, this time, you made it home safe.

What if…

you never had to worry about having your bike lights stolen again?

bunc Urban Explorer

You, the Urban Explorer (bunc head). About your daily life in Melbourne.

You see, I had the same problem...

How it all began...

I am an ‘ex-fall asleeper’ on the bus

When I moved to Melbourne, I decided that public transport would be the easiest way to get to work. 

When I would be leaving work on the bus, I would be feeling so tired that I would fall asleep. I was sick of it and knew there had to be a better way of living.

My cyclist friends at work asked me:

“Why don’t you try riding to work?”.

I gave it a go and riding to and from work became the best part of my day! 

Riding gave me a little ‘win’

When I got to my desk in the morning, I was happy that I had already got some exercise in for the day. 

I rode everywhere when I realised how great it was to get around by bike!

However, I had a problem...

Annoyed by bulky bike lights

I hated having to carry the bulky lights around after I locked up my bike. 

Not only that… 

My lights were stolen

When I left them on, punks would steal them and I’d have to ride home in the dark. 

One evening, I was riding home and...

All of a sudden... 

I was smashed off my bike!  

Luckily, I had only fractured my little finger. Yes, I am now ok... 

Broken finger
bunc founder, Daniel's broken finger after a cycling accident.

...thanks for asking. ;)

That’s when I realised that...

Riding my bike was the most dangerous thing I do.

I had to stop my bike lights from being stolen.

There had to be a solution

With millions of cyclists in the world, there HAD to be something out there for city riders like me.

The best solution I found still had an issue. It used a special bolt (Torx) to attach to the bike.

This meant everytime you charged the lights, you needed the tool to remove them. 

To still have a functional light, the lights HAD to be easily removed from the bike.


All bike lights were bulky and annoying to carry

This meant a light had to be DESIGNED to be carried in your pocket.

That’s what I had to do... 

Design a light that fits in your pocket.

I set out to create the first bike light that NO ONE could steal...

It could be carried for HOURS without noticing.

With NO compromise to safety. 

I was inspired by everything pocketable…

Brainstorming at desk

Brain dumping ideas through the concept ideation phase.

How to stop bike lights from being stolen?


1. Lights get stolen if left on your bike.

2. To keep them safe you must remove them.

3. Lights are annoying to carry.

Putting bike lights in pocket
A typical evening out in the city for you with bike lights in your pockets.


A light designed to fit into your pocket...





The FIRST bike light designed for your pocket 

“The swiss army knife of bike lights”

Putting bike lights in back jeans pocket

bunc 'be seen' Front Light [Wide]

bunc 'be seen' Front Light [Wide]


1. Never ride in darkness

1.1. Fits in your pocket

You will never have to worry about having your bike lights stolen again. You can carry them for hours without noticing. 

You are able to ride wherever you want and have the peace of mind knowing that your lights are safe in your pocket.

Sliding front bunc light into front jeans pocket.
bunc founder, Daniel posing as he slides the front bunc light into his jean pocket.

1.2. Easily removed

You will be less annoyed when you park your bike in public. You will be able to quickly pack up and down your bike. Quickly prepare for your outing away from you bike

The lights slide off from the strap easily and quickly. The silicone handlebar mounts stay on the bike so you only carry the expensive part.

Removing bunc front light from bike.
bunc 'be seen' Front Light is easily removed from the strap on the bike.

1.3. Never return to flat lights

Do you ever forget to turn your lights off and then come back to find out that they are flat? 

After two minutes of no movement, bunc lights turn off. Once you move them again they turn on.1 

Never return to your bike again and find out your lights are flat!

Bike on the guardrail at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort
bunc lights turn off after two minutes of no movement.

2. You will 'be seen'

2.1. Wide beam

The LED array projects a beam with a visible angle over 220° meaning you can be seen from all around the bike.

bunc Front Light shining around a bike

bunc lights project a wide beam over 220°.

2.2. Built-in reflector

Ever forgotten to charge your lights? The built-in reflector is a backup.

bunc Front Light top view

3. You can do more

3.1. Minimalist

Own less stuff. Go from bike to skateboard to running and use the same light. 

The clip that mounts to your bike can be attached to your shirt.

bunc Front Light attached to T-shirt

3.2. Waterproof IPX6

Ride through any storm. With an ‘IPX6’ waterproof rating, bunc lights can handle getting blasted with a Super Soaker that is hooked up to a compressor.

Bicycle at a flooded intersection in Melbourne
Riding or swimming? A flooded ride home from work via Southbank, Melbourne.

3.3. USB rechargeable

Save the environment from disposable batteries! Re-charge your bike lights instead. 

Micro-USB recharge port similar to most Android phones pre-2019. Micro-USB Cable included.

Charging bunc front light

3.4. (high) Five modes

A mode for all different riding situations including daytime. I run mine in High Flash or Daytime Flash most of the time.

bunc 'be seen' Front Light [Wide]



Run Time

High Beam

80 Lumen

3 hrs

Low Beam

40 Lumen

5.5 hrs

High Flash

80 Lumen

15 hrs

Low Flash

40 Lumen

33 hrs

Daytime Flash

80 Lumen

28 hrs

4. The ‘nitty gritty’

4.1. Included


bunc 'be seen' Front Light [Wide]


bunc Front Light strap


bunc Micro-USB cable

4.2. Technical specifications


Max Visible Angle: 

Over 220° 

Max Lumen: 


Minimum Lumen:


Light Found Distance: 

Over 1000m



41 grams


Standard bars/seat posts (22-27 mm)

Waterproof Rating: 




Built-in Lithium-Ion 700mAh


Micro-USB 5V/0.5A 

bunc 'be seen' Rear Light

“Your front light needs a friend...”

You are going to need a light for the back of your bike too, right? Of course we make a rear light!

bunc 'be seen' Rear Light

bunc 'be seen' Rear Light



bunc 'be seen' Rear Light


bunc Rear Light Strap


bunc Micro-USB Cable

Six Modes

A mode for all different riding situations including daytime. The rear light has an additional “Medium” constant mode. I run mine in High Flash or Daytime Flash most of the time.

bunc 'be seen' Rear Light



Run Time

High Constant

40 Lumen

3.5 hrs

Medium Constant

20 Lumen

5 hrs

Low Constant

5 Lumens

33 hrs

High Flash

40 Lumen

18 hrs

Low Flash

5 Lumen

85 hrs

Daytime Flash

40 Lumen

25.5 hrs

Bicycle in dark laneway outside a train station
An eerie East Richmond station in Melbourne.


"So I just biked here into the city and I’m meeting my friend for dinner and I’ve got my bunc lights. They’re just going to go nicely into my pocket and not get in the way! - Alex C.


Survived bikepacking across the world

Our friends John and Teagan from JTTouring cycled from Malaysia to England. They survived and so did our lights!

Here is what John said: 

“bunc supported me and my partner on our cycle touring trip from Malaysia to England. 

These lights really got tested with us along the road and they withstood the hardest roads/climates bicycle lights will ever go through. 

Pretty amazing for 'city' style lights. The ability to remove them from your handle bars easily was incredibly useful on our trip since we had to regularly stop and lock the bicycles to go into the shops, see sights or at night in a wild camping spot. 

This meant we never lost or got our lights stolen! An easy simple design. We recommend these lights to anyone.”

Bicycle touring couple John and Teagan from JTTouring
bunc supported bicycle touring couple John and Teagan from JT Touring on their ride from Malaysia to England!

Who are we...?

Daniel Stojanovski, Mechanical Engineer

Hey Friends! I am Daniel, but you can call me Stoj. I am a mechanical engineer who has worked for mammoth car companies including Tesla Motors, Toyota and GM Holden. 

Ironically, I do not own a car and instead, I use my bike to get around everywhere in Melbourne. I have a passion for health optimisation. I enjoy learning just about anything.

Main Ride: Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7.0
Adventure highlight: Three month ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.
Expensive paper: Mechanical Engineering/Business [Hons], Blockchain Strategy.
Hit the books: University of Newcastle, RMIT University, University of Leeds 
Will dance to: Disclosure, RUFUS DU SOUL, Flume, Above & Beyond.

bunc founder, Daniel, in Hosier Lane

Daniel Stojanovski - Founder of bunc at Hosier Lane in Melbourne, Australia.

Himasha Foneska, Electrical Engineer

My friend and team member Himasha is an electrical engineer from RMIT University. 

He has a passion for educating and he loves that he is helping spread the message of healthy living through bikes. Ultimately, he wants to advance human civilization through space exploration! Dope!!

Main Ride: Lekker flat bar city bike.
Adventure highlight: Moped touring in Vietnam.
Will dance to: Lane8, G-Eazy, Client Liaison, Boo Seeka, Willaris. K
Expensive paper: Electrical Engineering [Hons]
Hit the books at: RMIT University.


bunc Electrical Engineer, Himasha with a monkey on his shoulder
Himasha Fonseka - bunc electrical engineer hanging out with a monkey during a moped tour in Sri Lanka.

What gets us up in the morning? 

Make bike riding as fun as possible

"You really cannot be sad on a bicycle", says Mark Martin at TEDX Louisiana. We agree. Our mission is to make bike riding as fun as possible.

We exist to inspire people to healthier, more active lives where riding a bike is a big part of this. Our vision is a community of happy people riding bikes.


Two bunc heads on their bikes in Brunswick
A couple of bunc heads mucking about on a Sunday night in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Why buy from us?

You’re supporting the cycling community

We support not-for-profits

Feel good knowing that a percentage of profits go to bicycle related not-for-profit organisations. By buying bunc lights you are helping make bike riding even safer in cities like Melbourne!

Backed by RMIT University

We’re a start-up backed by RMIT University. We have been selected as part of RMIT Activator’s LaunchHUB March 2020 intake.

The RMIT Activator is the heart of entrepreneurship at RMIT University. LaunchHUB is Activator's 12-week accelerator program which supports a cohort of dedicated RMIT founders.

RMIT Activator Logo

We care about the environment

All of our lights are shipped in biodegradable bags. 

The instructions are printed on recycled paper.

Made by cyclists for cyclists

By buying bunc lights you are supporting cyclist entrepreneurs from Melbourne, Australia. 

We ride every day. We've had multiple bike lights stolen before and we’re sick of putting bulky bike lights into our pockets.

A happy bunc head at Lake Mountain

A happy bunc head at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort during summer.

How do we compare?

How are bunc lights better? Compared to:

“Cheapie” lights

  1. 1. Less harmful to the environment. No disposable battery. 
  2. 2. No fiddly mounts. Easy to remove. 
  3. 3. Safer to ride with. Brighter.

“High-end” lights

  1. 1. Safety backup. Built-in reflector.
  2. 2. Don’t accidentally go flat. Automatic turn on/off.
  3. 3. Charge less often. Longer battery life than other ‘compact’ lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Two hours.

A: Two years from the purchase date.

A: Yes, we will soon have them available for purchase on our website. For now, please send us an email and let us know if you need the front or rear strap.

A: The light is visible from a distance over 1000m.

A: They are not completely waterproof to the point where you can submerge the lights in water (we’ve tried and they work but please do not do it). They have a waterproof rating of IPX6, meaning they can handle direct blasts from high-pressure jets.

A: Yes. Micro-USB. A cable is included with each light however no wall socket is provided. You will have to charge from your computer or a wall socket that you already have.

A: No. Unfortunately at this stage, we have not designed a strap that works with aero handlebars or seat posts. It is definitely on our “To-Do” list!

A: Once the light senses no movement for two minutes, the lights will turn off. When they detect movement they will turn back on.

A: The front lights have five modes. The rear lights have six modes.

A: Cool Runnings. Props for making it through the FAQ! You are a true bunc head.

Shop online safely with us

We take your safety off the bike seriously too

Level 1 PCI DSS compliant

We securely host your payment information.

256-bit Encryption with SSL certificate

Same encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure.

256-bit Encryption

All Payment Platforms

We accept all major payment platforms.

Accepted payment merchants

Shipping times

Within Victoria

Metro: 2-3 business days

Country: 4-6 business days.

Outside of Victoria

Metro: 2-6 business days.

Country: 4-6 business days.

Response to COVID-19

  • We are delivering throughout Australia. 

  • Due to reduced services from Australia Post expect a longer than usual shipping time. For example a metro shipment within Victoria may take 4-5 working days instead of 2-3 working days.

  • Please use a residential address.

Bonus! - FREE shipping

“Don’t you hate being charged for shipping?”

Total Value: ($8.95)

We are looking after you and including FREE shipping for all Australian orders.

Get this when you order your set of bunc lights today!

Truly limited offer, claim your set before they’re gone!

Start-up with limited stock

As we are a start-up, we are currently only carrying small batches of stock so we will run out soon!

Only available through our website

We are only available directly through our website. You will not find us at any other bike store. 

This allows us to make sure EVERY bunc head is 110% happy.

A bike at Hamer Hall

We are a start-up based in Melbourne. You can only buy directly from us.

Need more reasons to buy from us?

We care about your happiness

110% stoked guarantee 

We know you will be stoked with never having your bike lights stolen again. If you aren't, return your lights within 60 days for a 110% refund of the purchase price.1


bunc Cruisy Summer Evenings

FREE strap replacement

What happens if my bike is stolen in the first 365 days of owning bunc lights and I have the lights but not straps? 

We will send you a new set of front and rear straps for FREE!2

Everything you get when you order today!

bunc offer

bunc 'be seen' Front Light [Wide] 

($69.95 Value)

bunc 'be seen' Rear Light

($69.95 Value)

AusPost Registered Shipping

($8.95 Value)

Total Value ($148.85)

This is truly a limited offer, so claim your set now before they are all gone:

I understand this is the most expensive bike light that you have never heard of...

have a think about...

  1. 1. How much would you pay to never have a set of bike lights stolen again?

  2. 2. How much would you pay to save yourself from an accident like mine?

  3. 3. How much are you saving on public transport/driving by riding your bike?

We could save your life...

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy riding with your bunc lights!


Ride safe,
Daniel Stojanovski


P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end, here’s the deal:

We (bunc) can help stop you from riding home in the dark after having your bike lights stolen from the punk bike light thieves. We make the first FUNCTIONAL bike light that is designed to fit in your pocket. It is not bulky and annoying. You can walk around for hours without noticing them. They are the swiss army knife of bike lights. Never have your lights stolen again. 

In fact, if you don’t love the bike light, I will even refund you 110% of the purchase price.

So, click the button below to get your bike lights now before we run out. You won’t regret it. 

The founder of bunc, Daniel with his bike

The founder of bunc, Daniel, in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.


Don’t you never want your bike lights stolen again..?
I’d like to quickly send you the FIRST bike lights designed to fit into your pocket, ASAP.

bunc Logo

Boring legal stuff
1The light will always be in the intelligent mode and will turn off after two minutes if no movement is detected. Some movements such as walking or waiting at traffic lights may not turn the light back on. Always check the lights are on! 2Lights must arrive at our office within 60 days of the purchase date. Shipping must be paid for by the customer. 3Australia only. Requires a police report number. Will be sent in an untracked envelope.

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